How it works

You are registered for the campaign – or consider to participate – but  wondering how it works?

Did you ever want to tell your local politician ‘I don’t feel safe cycling here‘ or‚ ‘I wish the cars didn’t park so close to the cycling lane‘? With Ping if you care you are now able to do so!

After you registered to participate in the campaign, and have been selected to join, you will receive a notification. Once you received or picked-up your Pinger, you will be able to download the Bike Citizens app and the city map of Brussels for free and to connect it with your Pinger via a unique code. When your start your cycling route the app is activated and ready to start collecting Pings.
Every time you encounter a point where you feel unsafe a simple click on the button will mark that exact point on a map. After completion of the trip, you have the possibility to give feedback on the specific Pings via the app. You can do this immediately after finishing your route or at any later stage.

With this data, the Brussels Capital Region is able to identify major safety bottlenecks for cyclists to further develop its cycling policy.
And that’s it! A simple and user friendly solution to increase safe cycling!