Pilot project in Brussels

According to the Brussels bicycle observations, the number of cyclists in Brussels increased with 50% in 2016. But figures about accidents do not exist. Therefore the Brussels Capital Region launched the project PING if you care! together with Bike Citizens and Mobiel 21. It is a participative research project, in which Brussels cyclists were asked to cooperate.

The test case was running from May 2017 till the end of January 2018. A total of 1,000 Brussels cyclists were asked to be part of the test panel. They received a PING button to attach on the bicycle handlebars. In any situation they felt unsafe, they could press the PING button in order to locate their position via the Bike Citizens app on their smartphone. At the end of the trip, cyclists could assign the ping to specific category.

This PING if you care! test case eventually resulted in a detailed cycling map of Brussels. The ideal instrument that allows you to improve investments in bicycle infrastructure and awareness campaigns through Brussels policy.

The final report can be downloaded in French or Dutch here.